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A typical packaged substation supplied by Ellison

The Packaged Substation concept, whereby 11kV Switchgear, Cast Resin Transformers, Low Voltage Switchgear and Automatic Power Factor Correction equipment are close coupled to form a composite unit, was pioneered in the UK by Ellison and today it remains one of the most significant advances in the distribution of electrical power.

Any medium to large user of electricity is always keen to find ways of economising in their electrical distribution system. There are many costs savings to be made in both installing and running such a system. As an example, a client was considering a distribution system that came with a price tag of 650,000. After the system had been redesigned by Ellison into the packaged substation arrangement , the total price fell to 475,000.

These savings arise for a number of reasons:

Flexible, modular construction:
Transformer enclosures can be 'inline', '90' or 'through busbar'. The modular cubicles can then be arranged in any configuration to suit the application. Since they can have through going busbars, there is no limitation on the number of transformers that can be accommodated. This means the Ellison design is more compact than competing arrangements, therefore saving floorspace and/or the cost of constructing large substation buildings.

Savings in the cost of cable:
Since power is delivered at high voltage (and therefore low current) to the load points and then stepped down, there is no need to install long runs of high current cable running from a central transformer. There is a further saving since the much smaller diameter low current cables will be easier to accommodate.

Significant savings in civil costs
Since there is no requirement for fire resistant walls, sprinklers or spillage precautions such as draining pits and bunds, in the sub-station.

When the savings in running and maintaining the system are considered in addition to those above, it is obvious why this has proved such a successful product configuration.