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Expressway is a moulded case circuit breaker distribution system - incorporating fully, encapsulated, totally insulated, 50kA fault rated busbar assemblies. What’s more – there is the added security of having been manufactured in accordance with British and International Standards. The system is rated up to 800A with a fully rated neutral.

With Expressway, the problems of safety, environmental / atmospheric conditions and maintenance are greatly reduced and often eliminated. Expressway™ is available as a freestanding or wall mounted unit. It is a true fit and forget product that can be accommodated in a main distribution switchboard or as a loose item in an enclosure to form the basis of a sub-distribution board. The system can operate using a variety of incomer methods such as Moulded Case Circuit Breakers , Fuse switches or direct busbar connections up to 800A. A maximum of ten circuit breakers can be accommodated in one cubicle - any unused outgoing terminals are shrouded with special covers.

The Benefits of Expressway.

  • The system is protected from a wide range of atmospheric conditions by being totally encapsulated in a specially developed insulating material. Expressway has inherent safety advantages - in the unlikely event of a fire the material is self extinguishing. This is a particularly important feature for retail or commercial developments.
  • Expressway has no moving parts which may work loose, making it virtually maintenance free.
  • Expressway is extremely flexible since it can accommodate almost any manufacturer’s range of Moulded Case Circuit Breakers.
  • The system is quick and very easy to assemble with the minimum of parts. For example, because cable clamps are used, contractors can assemble the simple arrangement very easily.
  • The Expressway unit is easy to install, very flexible and therefore very cost effective.