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George Ellison is a well-established company in the switchgear and electrical distribution equipment industry - founded in 1898. We were pioneers in the field of developing Packaged Substations comprising 11KV, Power Transformers, 415v switchgear and automatic Power Factor Correction equipment. Our product range includes Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers up to 5000 Amps, Fuse Switches up to 800 Amps, Power Factor Correction Equipment (either integral with Switchboards or free-standing), Sub-distribution Switchgear and Panel Boards and a unique range of high current / low impedance bus-duct.

We also operate - as an independent business - a Short Circuit Testing Station (one of only three high current Test Stations remaining in the U.K) ensuring that the equipment we supply has been Type Tested. Using the facilities of the test station we have developed a switchboard design that can limit the effect of an arcing fault to the affected panel - enabling the equipment to be reinstated in the minimum amount of time, in the unfortunate event of such a fault developing within the equipment.

100 years old is an achievement for any business. In a highly competitive field, such as electrical engineering, it becomes an even more impressive milestone. Electrical distribution systems are the lifeblood of most businesses. Often dismissed as the 'grey box in the corner', when they fail - production halts, computers crash, customers are disappointed and profits are lost. Even more tragically, death or serious injury can result. The electrical system impacts on every part of a business. At Ellison we take our responsibility to keep you operating very seriously.

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